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Cleaning Wipes



Wet Wipes

 Flash Anti-bac Cleaning Wipes
•  Convenient for everyday cleaning of hard, washable surfaces
•  Kill up to 99.9% of bacteria
•  Clean fresh scent
•  With a textured weave for deeper cleaning, to remove 

soap scum, dirt, grease stains and burnt on food

•  60 wipes


£4.61 D

 Flash Lemon All-purpose Wipes
•  Convenient, safe and easy to use for everyday cleaning
•  Suitable for use in the bathroom and kitchen, ideal for 

cleaning toilets, fl oors, hobs, stainless steel sinks and 
worktops, including granite

•  120 wipes


£9.22 D

WYPALL* Cleaning Wipes 7775
•  Easy to use dispensing tub
• Self-presenting
•  Triple action moist wipe to dissolve and capture soiling
•  Smooth one side and textured on the other
•  Contains aloe vera to moisturise the skin
•  Approx 90 sheets
Sheet Size: 270x270mm


£16.86 D

Caterpack Disinfectant Surface Wipes
•  Disinfecting wipes
•  Will not taint surfaces, hands or food
•  150 wipes

Caterpack Disinfectant Wipes
•  Economical disinfecting wipes for keeping surfaces clean 

and germ-free

•  Disposable, quality cloths in a dispensing tub
•  Will not taint surfaces, hands or food
•  500 wipes


£8.80 D


£29.68 D

Dettol Antibacterial Surface Cleaning Wipes
•  Dettol anti-bacterial surface cleanser is proven to kill bacteria
•  Suitable for: chopping boards, high chairs, changing mats, 

fridges, bins, kitchen sinks, bathrooms and toilet seats

•  Kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses
•  Safe to use where food is prepared
•  84 wipes


£4.00 D



 Hand & Surface Sanitising Wipes

•  Can be used to sanitise hands, work stations and other surfaces
•  Starts working immediately against many common 

organisms, reducing populations by up to 99.999%

•  Antibacterial EN1500, EN1276, EN13697, Fungicidal 

EN1650, EN13697

•  Can be used in a wide range of applications where a 

product containing alcohol is not appropriate

•  Formulated to prevent residual odours or dye on the hands 

after use

•  Will not taint food
•  50 wipes


£7.13 D



 Antimicrobial Wipes Plus

•  All the germ killing benefi ts of PURELL


 in a non-linting, 

durable wipe

•  Convenient and easy to use
•  Ideal for restaurants, gyms, offi ces etc
•  270 wipes


£10.32 D

Jeyes Baby Care Baby Wipes
•  Wipes are soft, gentle and dermatologically tested baby 

wipes, developed to be tough on cleansing but kind to skin

•  Delicately fragranced, made from premium soft spun lace 

fabric, impregnated with a moisture seal

•  72 wipes


£1.79 D

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