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Kensington Lock Registration Suite empowers administrators to manage their lock programmes and 
ensure staff benefit from Kensington support services without needing to contact their administrator.

•  Register locks individually to manage Like keyed or Single keyed programmes
•  Order replacement keys
•  Retrieve stored combination codes
•  Access Kensington Register and Retrieve Lock Management Portal from

 and under My Account section


Computer Security









Combination Lock  

•  Push button design allows one hand 

to easily install the lock

• Kensington


 T-Bar™ with a superior 

strength lock-head that locks to 
your laptop

•  Tamper-resistant design
•  5.5mm thick high-carbon aircraft grade 

steel cable for optimum security

•  Keyless four wheel combination lock with 

over 10,000 possible combinations that 
can be easily reset

•  Strong cable construction, an ultra thick 

1800mm long cable


£47.03 D







MicroSaver Keyed 

Lock Ultra

•  Hidden Pin™ technology ensures tubular 

locks cannot be picked, offering the 
highest level of security

•  1800mm long, 4.5mm thick carbon 

tempered steel cable provides powerful 
protection anywhere

•  Two keys supplied
•  Tamper Evident™ technology alerts 

you that someone had tried to steal 
your device

•  Convenient hook and loop strap for 

compact travel storage

•  Lifetime guarantee


£46.49 D







Desktop MicroSaver

•  Lock down a desktop computer and 

multiple peripherals with one 
convenient kit

•  2200mm cut-resistant, high carbon steel 

cable secures individual items together

•  Anchor plate secures equipment
•  Cable trap secures a wired keyboard 

and mouse

• Pick-resistant
•  Supplied with two keys

•  Lifetime guarantee


£32.54 D






 USB Notebook 

Combi Lock

•  Suitable for all devices with a 

USB-A socket

•  Specially designed for convertibles 

and ultrabooks without security slot

•  Lock is made of stainless steel, 

the cable is carbon steel covered with 
protective plastic

•  5.5mm diameter, 18000mm long cable
•  Hook and loop cable tie enables 

good cable management without 
tangled cables

•  4-digit code for 10,000 possible 


•  2 year guarantee


£24.99 D

Use product code when ordering • Supplied singly unless stated • E. & O.E. • Prices exclude VAT

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